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REALISER A8  -  A Serious Tool

A billiant product from the SMYTH RESEARCH.

A8 is capable to process up to 7.1 surround sound. It simulates acoustic spaces that no other headphone processor can do.

By measuring the sound characteristics of any given sound system, and save the result as a ‘Personalised Room Impulse Response’ (PRIR) data file. You can capture any good-sounding system with the included measuring microphones. Then, A8 can simulate this good-sounding space in your headphone while you are listening to your favourite music or watching a blockbuster movie, anywhere any time.

This product works great with any good quality headphones. You can set dedicated Headphone EQ presets for every pair that you own.

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Click here to learn more about the technology behine A8.


Smyth Research, Realiser A16

‘Protect Your Hearing for Life-long Enjoyment’

Studio Six Digital - the pioneer in professional audio measurement tools for iOS devices

iPrecisionMic - The only one in the market

A class 1 acoustic measurement tool for iSO devices

iTestMic - Most convenience acoustic measuring microphone


                    BEST for    *Home theatre surround sound alignment

                                    *Sound system monitoring in live situation

                                    *Daily maintenance of cinema sound system

                                    *Optional SPL Graph to trace household’s noise background

The iAudioInterface2 with both USB and lightning connector

.........also available !!

PSI Audio - High End Monitors from Swiss

The A25-M is like a wall of sound, the sound of highly detailed and in depth music with an incredible reach from sub-bass to airy highs!

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A16, Smyth Research’s latest product got crowd-funded within 9 hours in Kickstarter.

We continue to serve Realiser’s users, providing the best acoustic and sound system for HRTF measurements of their units.

ETY•Plugs gives you protection along the audible frequencies evenly. Good for protecting your hearing in loud concerts and parties.

It is even more important to musicians like you. Your musical insturments produce a very high sound pressure level when you are playing. Protect your priceless asset, wear a pair of music ear plugs.

EarLove • The same Etymotic ER-20 ear plugs with a metal case package. It can be a nice key chain. You will never forget to bring with your hearing protection.